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Prof. Dr. Barbara A. Karanian


Prof. Dr. Barbara A. Karanian, faculty of the Mechanical Engineering Design group at Stanford University, Silicon Valley (USA)

Founder of The Design Entrepreneuring Studio, Barbara is a visiting Professor/ Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Design, the School of Engineering, Stanford University.
Author of, “Working Connection: The Relational Art of Leadership: A Balancing Act in Engineering and Science;” and “Analyzing Engineering Design Stories-Predicting Engagement,” Barbara studies the ways entrepreneurial leaders form connections to create amazing cross-functional team environments.

She teaches a graduate design methods class, ME378, Tell/Make/Engage – Action Stories for Entrepeneuring – co-developed with graduate students, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood guest guides.

The parallel between the desire that drives the design process and how telling stories drives new design elements is one focus. Students commit to and tell their interactive stories by using methods that generate a creative environment for exploring the behavioral and emotional factors contained in traversing from the early developmental stages of discovery to prototype to delivery–to make real progress in their work.

Student formed and studied start-ups are the focus. Barbara is also part of the teaching team for Design Garage. She supports student risk-taking and collaborative efforts for design confidence. Barbara works with organizational leaders to uncover the surprises of collaboration and experience how telling their story paints an inventive picture of what’s next. Barbara teaches a new REVS class on the automotive experience: Tales to Design Cars By. The Michael T. Anthony Professor from 2005-2010 at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, her Educational background:

Barbara received her Ph.D. in Educational Studies in Organizational Behavior from Lesley University; the M.Ed. in Art Therapy; and was awarded a Teaching Fellowship in Leadership at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. She holds a B.A. with a double major: Psychology; and Fine Arts from the College of the Holy Cross.


*Leadership and Organizational Behavior Consultant
*User-Centered Design
*Facilitating Cross-Division Collaboration
*Teaching: Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Graduate Design Methods, Entrepreneurial Leadership
*Behavioral and Emotional Factors in Product Design and Development
*Leadership and Transformational Change
*Work with high performance teams of engineers/designers
*Making productive partnerships with industry
*Story Consulting and Color Saturation Modification tools

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