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Marc Finsterlin

Marc-Finsterlin1Marc Finsterlin, Chairman at Aquarius Digital Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Hong Kong, Marketing and Advertising (China)

Marc Finsterlin is a postgraduate from Global MBA University of Maryland (USA/China), Lorange Institute of Business (Switzerland) and Fudan University (China).

Marc W. Finsterlin is the Managing Director of Aquarius Asia. He is based in Hong Kong.

He looks back on consulting experience in the field of corporate strategy and global marketing in China, and in the US at O’Brian Cox. Before that he was Marketing Manager (Group Marketing) at Allianz on a global engagement and worked for several multimedia agencies.

Mr. Marc Finsterlin, Managing Director of Aquarius Asia, a German company with a regional office in Hong Kong, will also share with the audience his experience regarding present opportunities which Hong Kong renders possible in these fields.

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