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Why exactly/precisely these locations?
Because these locations are the most important and exciting places globally for digital brand management!
Berlin, St. Gallen

Berlin is currently one of the most exciting cities in the world. Entrepreneurs set out to conquer the world from here. The University of the Arts Berlin is one of the largest, most creative art schools in Europe.

The University of St. Gallen is one of the leading schools for economics. The combined competencies have powered together for years, the successful masters program “Leadership in Digital Communication.”

Los Angeles
Many of the industry’s larger corporations and agencies are headquartered in L.A.

In Hollywood, the entertainment industry has transferred its know-how in products and licensure to digital brand management.

On the one end, there are the many examples of successful, established brands, and on the other, vibrant, young firms, searching for their success with cutting edge business concepts.

With 1.2 bn people, China is one of the largest eCommerce markets. 40 % of the population has internet access and a cell or smart phone.

Various intriguing academics and experts are there, endeavoring to harness the potential of this giant marketplace.

São Paulo
When it comes to new business models in the digital age, international investors have the Brazilian market particularly in their sights.
Brazilian companies and start ups stand out for their enormous creativity. Latin America is one of the largest potential markets for eCommerce.

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