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Prof. Dr. Dieter Georg Herbst
The course’s organizer is Professor Dieter Georg Herbst, Ph D. He is an internationally recognized expert in digital communication. He is honorary professor for strategic communications management in the masters program „Leadership in Digital Communication“ at the Berlin University of the Arts (Germany), guest professor for „eCommerce in China“ at the JiaoTong University in Shanghai (China) and chief instructor for Corporate Communications and Social Media in two EBMA programs at the University of St Gallen (Switzerland). He regularly works and researches in the US, India and Brazil. Herbst is also chief executive of source1 networks GmbH and consults worldwide for companies, organizations and individuals. He was named Professor of the Year by the newspaper Unicum Beruf in 2011. He is a member of the Council of Internet Sages and has written 16 books on marketing and corporate communications. His current book Digital Brand Management comes out in late 2014.

The Berlin University of the Arts is one of the largest art schools in the world and the only one that unites every artistic discipline with its corresponding science.
Over forty artistic, art theory and art pedagogy programs are offered among the four faculties, Fine Art, Design, Music and Performing Arts as well as at the Center for Continuing Education. About a fifth of the 4,000 students are from outside the country.
The Berlin University of the Arts has held its present moniker since 2001 and Professor Martin Rennert has been president since January 2006.
With its more than 500 events a year, UdK Berlin is an essential part in the cultural life of the city.

The UdK Berlin Career College bundles the continuing education offerings of the Central Institute for Continuing Education at the Berlin University of the Arts.
It provides a one-of-a-kind breadth of university course offerings in the German creative arts sphere.
The UdK Berlin Career College serves all who wish to deepen their creative and artistic inclinations and connects them to theoretical topics with four masters programs and manifold certificate courses.
In addition, the international Berlin Summer University of the Arts offers a highly-regarded program in English, directed at artists in all disciplines, culturati and creative professionals.
The UdK Berlin Career College bases its program offerings on proprietary research as to the continuing education needs of the Creative Industries.

Outstanding quality of the course
  • Highest ranking universities: participating universities and instructors are leaders in their fields. They hold much recognition and the best places in rankings.
  • Highest caliber of company, agency and practician: known leaders in the digital economy and of digital brand management.
  • Advisory board: the board consists of prominent experts from academics and the business world.
  • Berlin Career Center standards of the Berlin University of the Arts: the Career Center has its own rigorous* quality standards in order to ensure the highest quality of its certificate courses.
  • Participant feedback: an essential component of the program’s* quality management is constant dialogue with participants–before, during and after sessions/events.


Brand2Global Conference is designed for professionals who drive global marketing and focuses on issues of global branding, global campaigns, and global digital media.
Design ist ein Kulturgut, das wir auf hohem Niveau erhalten und pflegen. Als inhabergeführte Agentur entwickelt M8 Marken und kommuniziert visuell. Die Qualität unserer Arbeit belegen nicht zuletzt diverse Auszeichnungen und Designpreise.
Ungeteilte Aufmerksamkeit zu gewinnen ist unser Ziel. In der Medienbranche sind wir seit vielen Jahren zuhause. Wir arbeiten für Verlagsmedienhäuser. Für Medienverbände. Und wir arbeiten für Unternehmen, die mit Verlagsmedien in Kontakt kommen möchten. Wir können Netzwerk, Strategie, Konzept, Grafik, Events, Produktion, Presse und noch mal Netzwerk. Und alles immer schön transmedial-persönlich.

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