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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

of the UdK Berlin Career College at the Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste, UdK Berlin) regarding „Digital Brand Management around the world“ – Effective as of March, 2014

The Course “Digital Brand Management around the world” (the “Course”) will take place in four different countries with partners as stated in the official information documents. The partners in those countries will arrange and host the parts of the course at their own authority. UdK Berlin Career College is the main presenter of the course and determines the following Terms and Conditions for this course.

  1. Application for the Course

    An application must be submitted to the UdK Berlin Career College within the stated registration deadline of the Course. The UdK Berlin Career College supplies a digital application form on its Website. Please fill in all required data and confirm that you have read and accept this General Terms and Conditions. Send the application digitally to the UdK Berlin Career College by clicking the “send” button. The valid date of application is the date of receipt by the UdK Berlin Career College. The submission of the application is legally binding for the participant.
    Any required documents for the application must be supplied by applicant without solicitation. Admission to the course may be denied if these documents do not arrive by the application deadline.

  2. Validity of Registration / Fee

    An applicant’s registration for the course becomes binding when the complete online registration form has been successfully received, the course-specific admission requirements have been met and the course fee has been successfully transferred into the bank account of the UdK Berlin Career College within 30 days after the invoice date. The applicant is responsible for paying any applicable bank or transfer charges.
    The timely transfer of the course fee into the bank account of the UdK Berlin Career College cannot be guaranteed in the case of registration shortly before the course in question is scheduled to begin. The applicant is therefore required to submit a confirmation of payment without solicitation in order to be able to participate in the course.

  3. Admission Requirements and Procedure

    There are admission requirements for the individual courses provided that these requirements are declared (e. g. degrees, professional experience). Admission for course participation will be granted provided the applicant meets the applicable requirements. The date of receipt of the complete application is decisive for the selection of participants in the case that the number of applications exceeds the number of available course places. There is no legal claim to admission.

  4. Visa

    The German, Chinese, Brazilian or U.S.- embassy or consulate in your country of origin can issue visas. Upon successful registration and full payment of the corresponding course fee you will receive an official invitation through mail and/or email. The applicant in question is responsible for finding out if they must apply for a visa to enter Germany/China/USA/Brazil. Please visit the homepage of the respective foreign office (e.g. for Germany: www.auswaertiges-amt.de) for further information. It is strongly recommended that you submit your visa application as early as possible due to long processing times in the embassies/consulates. The UdK Berlin Career College is responsible in no way for the issuance/acquistion or approval of visas.

  5.  Rescission of admission

    The UdK Berlin Career College can rescind admission if it is established subsequently that the requirements for admission were not fulfilled or were induced by fraudulent misrepresentation, compulsion or bribery. In case of a rescission of admission there is no reimbursement possible for fees already paid. Expenses incurred by the rescission must be paid by the participant.

  6. Withdrawal by Applicant/Participant

    In case of withdrawal from the course up to ten days before the course registration ends a charge of 25% of the course fee will be imposed. After this deadline no reimbursement is possible. Any cancellation must be executed in writing either by mail or by fax no later than the deadline. The applicant will not receive any course documents in the case of course withdrawal or failure to appear to this course.
    In cases of failure to appear or partial course attendance, the participant is not authorized to recalculate or reclaim the course fee.
    We recommend special insurances for withdrawal or abandonment from courses.

  7. Cancellation of Course

    The course may be cancelled if the minimum number of participants is not reached by the registration deadline. The applicants will be notified at the latest thirty days before the course is scheduled to begin. Fees that have already been paid will be refunded. Any further claims are excluded.

  8. Changes of Instructor(s), Date(s) and/or Course Venue(s)

    The UdK Berlin Career College reserves the right to change instructors, course dates and places if necessary (e. g. illness of an instructor). The participant will be notified as soon as possible. In the event of a change the participant is not authorized to reduce, withhold or reclaim the course fee. In cases of said course changes, the UdK Berlin Career College reserves the right to cancel the course if necessary. In this case, any fees already paid will be refunded. Any further claims are excluded.

  9. Disclaimer

    The participant is responsible for any loss of or damage to his personal property for the full duration of the course. Upon entering a course venue, the participant agrees to adhere to the specific house rules. Any further liability on the part of the UdK Berlin Career College is excluded as far as legally permissible.

  10. Data Protection

    For administrative purposes, the UdK Berlin Career College and the cooperative partners stores required personal data in accordance with German or respective other national legal provisions. Data will be kept confidential and not shared with third parties.

  11. Communication

    E-mail is the preferred method of communication. We assume that you will regularly check your e-mail inbox.

  12. Supplementary Agreements

    Any supplementary agreements require written confirmation before becoming effective.

  13. Sundries

    The execution of the services is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Courts of Berlin shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
    Parts of the course will take place in other countries than Germany. The participants will have to follow the respective domestic law.

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