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The idea

Whoever’s on the internet, on Facebook, on Twitter can do business globally.

 Do you agree? You’re mistaken! 
  • There are 1.3 billion people in India and over 100 languages
  • English is not very common in Latin America
  • Social networks have different penetrations around the world: where Facebook und Twitter are important in Europe, it is Weibo in China, Vkontakte in Russia, Orkut in Brazil
  • Large cultural differences also exist in communication on social networks and in relation to criticism and business practice


  • Lectures at universities
  • Workshops
  • Small group work
  • Individual work on one’s own examples
  • Case Studies
  • Blended-learning modules between
  • on-site stays
  • Excursions to companies and agencies
  • Shadowing with practicians
Core themes at each location
  • In-country (digital) economy/marketplace
  • Penetration of digital technologies
  • History, culture and national economic development
  • Political conditions/parameters for digital business
  • Digital consumers
  • Future digital business models
  • Digital economy and global differences
  • Digital technologies and their global presence
  • Brand management: models
  • Digital brand management: models, particularities of digital brand management, successful examples
  • Brand controlling
  • Experiences in digital brand management
  • Brand management in social networks
  • Global and regional cultural differences in digital brand management
  • Brand relationships: construction and evolution in digital media
  • Codes and user experience in digital brand management
  • Success of digital storytelling
  • Developments in DBM
  • Intellectual property in digital media
  • Crises communication in digital media

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