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Certificate Course

Many managers already have a MBA on their CV. The post-MBA makes it possible for them to continue their studies and to specialize in a given area of expertise. There are seven days of programming at each of the four locations–morning lectures and afternoon excursions to companies and agencies. The expenditure of time for the post-MBA is far less than for a MBA.

Requirements for completion


  • Participation in all events at a particular location
  • Successful participation in individual and group projects between locations
  • Final project


Participant Benefits
  • Most recent insights into digital brand management
  • Increased success in current and future digital brand management
  • Build-on and groom a one-of-a-kind, worldwide network
  • Access to exclusive knowledge from participants from around the world
  • Establish contact with leading academics, practicians and universities

Certificate of Completion


Participants receive a certificate of the participating universities upon completion of the course.

Benefits to Companies
  • „Ready for the digital tomorrow“
  • New business models
  • Innovation injection from knowledge
  • Innovation injection from experience
  • C Levels prepared for global digital brand management
  • Targeted utility of global markets in the digital sphere
  • Corporate networking in the digital marketplace
  • Increased market entry confidence in markets with unfamiliar cultural codes
  • Multiplication factor within participant companies
  • Employee retention

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