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Sascha Lobo

Sascha Lobo
Brand Communication, Blogger
Berlin, Germany
Gethsemanestraße 8

Berlin, Germany
493020933490 493020933490
Website: http://saschalobo.com/

Sascha Lobo

About Sascha Lobo

Sascha Lobo (born 11 May 1975 in Berlin) is a German blogger, writer, journalist and Copywriter.Lobo's work is primarily concerned with the Internet and with the social effects of new technology. In 2000, Lobo founded a short-lived advertising agency, and in the following years worked in advertising while also writing for the magazine Blond. In 2005 he co-founded the blog Riesenmaschine. The following year his book Wir nennen es Arbeit (engl. "We call it work", co-written with Holm Friebe) was published. In 2007 Lobo co-founded adical (later renamed adnation), a blog-focussed marketing agency. His first novel Strohfeuer was published in September 2010.
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