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Prof. Dr. Karen Arriaza Ibarra

Prof. Dr. Karen Arriaza Ibarra
Audiovisual Communications, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Madrid, Spain
Avda. de Séneca, 2
Ciudad Universitaria
Website: http://karenarriazaibarra.wordpress.com/

Prof. Dr. Karen Arriaza Ibarra

About Prof. Dr. Karen Arriaza Ibarra

The Professor in Audiovisual Communication studies the audiovisual systems of European media, specially in the area of Public Service Boadcasting and its evolution throughout the years. This includes their relationships with the governing authorities at all levels (local, regional and national) and all those analysis/studies/workshops that include words such as "governance", "pluralism" and "transparency" -- just to name a few. She likes to make analysis of the Spanish PSB media and its evolution throughout history.
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